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Help families facing the high costs of blood cancer.

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Leukaemia Foundation Tax Appeal Alex

Life-saving care shouldn't have to cost you your life savings.

At just 21-months-old, Alex was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL), a type of blood cancer. 

His regional family needed to relocate close to the hospital for life-saving treatment, but this came with immense financial pressures.  


can go towards wrap around care from a Blood Cancer Support Coordinator as families work through the first steps after a cancer diagnosis.


can help provide the first night of accommodation for a family who urgently needs to move close to life-saving treatment.


can help provide transport, food, and other expenses for families going through blood cancer.

Leukaemia Foundation

Meet Alex, and his mum Breeanna

Little Alex is cheeky, full of energy and loves playing cars with his dad. He lives with his mum and dad, Breeanna and Kyle, and their two dogs in the peaceful, regional town of Shepparton.

But at just 21-months-old, Alex was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL), a type of blood cancer.

Leukaemia Foundation Tax Appeal Breeanna and Alex

For the next 11 months, hospital became Alex’s whole world. Alex would spend several days in hospital at a time, receiving chemotherapy and other critical care. He was constantly at risk of infection and regularly experienced high temperatures. It was critical he stayed close to the hospital at these times for emergency care. Like so many regional families who receive a blood cancer diagnosis, Alex and Breeanna needed to urgently relocate to a major city for Alex's treatment.

It wasn’t cheap to stay near the hospital and the family quickly used up their savings. At the same time, Breeanna had to give up work to care for Alex.

Breeanna says, “We relied on Kyle, Alex’s dad, and our savings for the first month or two. After that, the more we weren't able to work, the more it put pressure on us.”

Fortunately, Breeanna found out about accommodation run by the Leukaemia Foundation from a social worker. Very shortly afterwards, they moved into a two-bedroom apartment close to the hospital. It was a relief to be just a short five-minute drive from the care that Alex so urgently needed.

"We didn't have to worry anymore,” says Breeanna.It was a relief because we didn't have to try to find all the money to pay for the accommodation. Without that, we definitely would’ve struggled.” 

Without Leukaemia Foundation accommodation, many families tell us they would’ve exhausted their life savings. With the additional stress of rising costs of living, families like Alex’s are forced to dig deep to make ends meet.

Your tax-deductible donation can help families like Alex’s access accommodation run by the Leukaemia Foundation. It gives them a place to stay, free of financial worries, so they can focus on getting better. 

For Alex and Breeanna, Leukaemia Foundation accommodation was a safe place to relax and gather strength in between being in the hospital. It was a place for Alex to celebrate his second birthday and call his dad at the end of the long day.  

Breeanna says, “Thank you, all I can say is thank you. Without Leukaemia Foundation accommodation, we couldn't have had the comfort of our own space for so long without worrying about extra costs of living.” 

Tax deductible donations with the Leukaemia Foundation helps Australian families with blood cancer.

Life-saving care shouldn’t cost your life savings, but families must often dig deep to make ends meet. Families like Alex’s can face out-of-pocket costs as high as $10,000 – including the costs of relocating for life-saving treatment.  

Your generosity this end of financial year provides precious relief to families facing the high costs of blood cancer - so they can focus solely on getting better. 

The High Costs of Blood Cancer

of people with blood cancer face up to $10,000 in out-of-pocket expenses, including relocating to access life-saving treatment.

of blood cancer patients needing to move closer to treatment would drain their life savings without Leukaemia Foundation accommodation.

of families could face financial hardship due to the cost of blood cancer – that’s why the generosity of everyday Australians is so important.

Your support before June 30 can make a difference.

  • You’ll be helping keep families together as they face one of the toughest times of their lives.
  • You’ll be helping provide accommodation close to the hospital, so regional families like Alex’s are just minutes away from life-saving treatment. 
  • You’ll also be helping relieve financial pressures through practical support like food and transport vouchers.

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Because life-saving care shouldn't have to cost you your life savings.